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If you live in the UK and are looking for a loan of between £5,000 and £250,000 for a big project, home improvements, a new vehicle, helping your family or even to re-finance your existing debts then you have found the right place. We have many years of experience in matching our customers to the right loans, demonstrated through millions of pounds in any purpose loans being advanced to our customers from across the UK from our extensive choice of lenders in the last year alone.

secured uk loansOur experienced UK based loan and credit team are waiting to listen to your enquiry in confidence, so you can find out how much you can obtain and what your repayments would be in order for you to make an informed decision in your own time. Call us freephone on 0800 0159 295 / 0330 0536001 (mobile friendly) or fill out the short simple online enquiry form (no worries - no credit search from this form) and we will work to your time frames.

Our focus is on using our in depth knowledge and extensive access to UK loan plans, some not readily accessible to the public, to get the funds you require, at a rate and with repayments that you are happy with and for the purpose that matches your goals. At My Sort of Loan we will use all of our experience and the enhanced UK loan tools at our disposal to find you the best suited low cost UK loan from our large panel of homeowner loan products.

Our agreements with an extensive number of innovative lenders gives us access to some of the most competitive and innovative UK home owner loan products in the market today, so we can offer our customers a UK loan which matches their circumstances and affordability. Repayment terms range from 60 to 300 months to match your budget and amounts can be altered in £1,000 increments to offer you a bespoke loan agreement. All of our lenders any purpose UK loans are offered with free quotations before you accept any offer and these loan quotes are given with no obligation to continue, so you can dot the i`s and cross the t`s finding out all the details before you decide to borrow.

Homeowner UK Loans

uk secured loans

Our homeowner UK secured loans can be tailored for many purposes at once and spread over a loan period to match your budget. Furthermore secured lenders can be more flexible in terms of your credit history when you are looking for loan amounts you may not get on an unsecured basis - giving you the chance to repair your loan and credit file and get on top of your creditors through a debt repair and consolidation loan. As well as or instead of this you may also wish to borrow money for home improvements such as building an extension or conservatory on your property, perhaps your house needs modernising or you are looking to install a new kitchen or bathroom or you have a large loft which would be ideal for a loft conversion. The point here is if you want a full fresh start and want to get back on top of your creditors then My Sort of Loan could help you.

Rainy Day UK Loans

My Sort of Loan know it can be difficult at times to save for a rainy day or put money aside to cover unexpected costs such as boiler breakdowns or general home repairs. On a so called rainy day things can catch us out, such as roof failure or damp being revealed, conservatory or window failures or electrical problems leading to a rewire being needed. It may be time to upgrade your central heating due to corroded radiators or an aging boiler and pipework. We all notice the cost of living is always on the up but to make things worse over recent years wage increases have not matched the trend making it tough to save for such issues when they arise. If you find yourself having a rainy day, don`t panic seek a UK loan from My Sort of Loan to beat the blues.

Refinance Your Debt & Credit With A UK Loan

In a world of credit and borrowing it can be easy to let your monthly repayments to store cards, credit card and personal loans to get a little out of hand, many people`s wages are struggling to pay for both their monthly bills and food costs as well as their credit repayment commitments and so they are looking to re-finance their credit agreements into one manageable overall credit payment which can not only reduce their outgoings but makes finances more easily manageable. You could get a UK homeowner loans from My Sort of Loan to help take the strain and re set your finances. The key is to borrow what you need and if consolidating debt close the accounts to avoid re building the debt you have just refinanced. Debt consolidation is not something you may be able to do more than once, so be strong.

UK Holiday Loans

Our any purpose UK loans don`t have to be used for necessary outgoings, you may feel like you family could do with a well deserved quality holiday. Even though the loan is taken out in the UK, the holiday loan can be used to travel far and wide across the world. Perhaps you would rather invest in a caravan or motor home, allowing you to spend more quality time together as a family over the coming years. Or perhaps you want to take the whole clan on a once in a lifetime holiday to somewhere a little more exotic but don`t have the savings to match your ambitions. Our lenders listen to what you intend to use the money for and if you meet criteria and can afford the repayments, we will work with them to get the loan you want for the reason you desire.

Car Loans & Chattels UK

My Sort of Loan could help you find finance to buy a new car, you may have an ever growing family and next to get a more suitable vehicle for safely transporting your blooming family. Good news is, it may well be a UK loan but the country of the car is not affected by that, so you can buy German, French or Italian cars if that is your preference. Your situation could be quite different to the younger clans, perhaps your young family has flown the nest and you no longer need the big estate car and would like to upgrade to something a little sportier to enjoy your new life of freedom but your savings account can`t quite support you wishes. Even if you are self-employed and need a new work vehicle or want to buy a chattel and go touring then we could help you, our any purpose UK homeowner loans can usually be used to purchase any vehicle you might need or want so get in touch with us today and start your journey.

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Wedding UK Finance

Another popular reason to borrow money is to finance a wedding, the cost of a wedding in the UK is increasing all of the time, which can take years to save up for any by the time you include your honeymoon the figure could be much larger than you imagined. If you cannot wait to arrange the wedding of your dreams or don`t want to make compromises on quality or the amount of guests you want to share your day then you could get a homeowner UK loan to cover the costs.

Any Purpose Loans For UK Residents

Our many years of experience and long term lender relationships have led to us arranging loans for a multitude of customers to get the money they need. We have sorted money for customers for cosmetic surgeries, to help them or their family with university or tuition fees and could even help arrange funds for disability alterations to both homes and vehicles - so don`t assume that nobody can help, call My Sort of Loan to discover your options.