Debt Consolidation

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  • Reduce your monthly outgoings
  • Consolidate multiple creditors into one manageable monthly payment
  • Loans exclusive for homeowners from £10,000 to £250,000
  • Bring an end date to those 0% interest credit card transfers
  • We search our comprehensive panel of leading lenders and compare 100s of loans
  • Check your eligibility without affecting your credit score
  • No upfront fees of hidden charges 
  • Plans available for All Credit profiles

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If you are looking to reduce your current credit repayments on loans, expensive credit cards, revolving credit, overdrafts, a secured debt consolidation loan may be the perfect solution. 

This will allow you to reduce your monthly payments by extending the term to find a monthly payment that suits your budget.  

It will also give you an end date to those credit cards. 

In many instances it will improve your credit score if you make the payments on time each month.  

We have lenders who will allow you to consolidate tax bills and any mortgage arrears, whether they are current or historic, repay CCJ’s, defaults or IVA’s. 

Through having many years of experience in the debt consolidation loans arena we are perfectly placed to enable you to consolidate your debts and get back in control of your finances

Thousands of UK consumers have turned to us in their hour of need to beat back the burden of debt, get back on top of their cash flow and reduce the stresses. 

Be it £10,000 or £250,000, we will consider any amount and most scenarios

You may well already feel pressured by your creditors or are just fed up of battling the same old credit cards, overdraft or loans and want to make a fresh start.

Good Or Bad Credit UK Debt Consolidation Finance.

A Debt Consolidation loan can help you reduce the amount you pay each month on loan repayments. A sign of the times within the UK is that it is now common place  for people to owe money on more than one credit card, or for that matter have several different credit / finance plans and loans in place. 

For this reason it can be difficult to keep track of them all of the time. If this does happen repayments can be overlooked, quite often in error but this can have a big effect on your credit options. The effect of the missed repayments can quickly lead to your ability to switch card suppliers to save interest disappearing and even being unable to obtain finance in future long after the old debt has been repaid.