Bridging Finance

  • Residential and commercial Bridging options
  • £100,000 - £2,000,000 
  • Auction finance options without a deposit
  • Avoid repossession bridging solutions
  • Fast decision in principle

Bridging Finance & Short-Term Loan Solutions

Upon receipt of your enquiry, we will manually source the best product through our panel of regulated and non-regulated bridging lenders.  

Depending on your requirements and personal circumstances, we could produce a set of terms within the hour.

Access finance from £25,000 to £1,000,000, based on the level of equity in your current properties in one transaction. You can also secure against multiple buy-to-let properties (up to 10),to unlock more equity if required. With Optimise Bridging, we can turn equity into ready cash in as few as 5 days. 

Depending on the type of bridging loan you take, you generally have two options. You can either pay a monthly amount, or it may be rolled up and added to the initial lump sum. If you repay the lump sum before the term ends, you may be charged less interest in total. 

Bridging Loans are a short-term funding option usually over an agreed term – typically 12 months for regulated bridges. They are typically used to help with cash flow; to bridge the gap between buying a property and securing a mortgage; completing of building works; purchasing a buy-to-letproperty; or because you are intending to turn around a project quickly. 

Property developers or landlords will use a bridging loan when looking to refurbish sell or expand their portfolios. It is important you understand the process before you commence the application, to confirm what your exit strategy will be. If further finance is required to repay the bridging loan at the end of the agreed term, is it likely to be available? If you have had recent credit problems (such as defaults, CCJ`s or mortgage arrears) or have recently become self-employed, you can obtain a bridge but it may be difficult to obtain a mortgage. Without a credible exit route, you are at risk of losing the property you have invested in.