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Being your own boss through commercial finance can be a liberating experience: nobody to answer to, no manager hounding you wanting daily figures, chasing targets and squeezing every penny`s worth from you. However on the other hand there are profit margins, running costs, staff to hire (and manage!),health and safety, sick days, data protection challenges and then of course because business never sits still there`s funding your expansion plans.

Whatever line of business you`re in My Sort of Loan could organise the commercial funding you need, speak to one of our UK commercial loan advisors call our loan team for your free & confidential quotation on freephone 0800 0159 295 / 0330 0536001 (mobile friendly) – alternatively enquire online via our Commercial Finance Form - we will work quickly to establish the options available for you and then detail the amount of money available to you, including monthly repayments, rates and terms.


Commercial Loans To Buy Property

If you want your very own offices or factory to run your business from - rather than paying rent to a landlord, there are plenty of commercial mortgages available via My Sort of Loan to enable you to buy a commercial property and get your very own head office.

Another common form of `commercial` borrowing is to be active in the buy to let property market through becoming a landlord or growing your property base. Whether you are looking to buy your first buy to let property or you`re looking to expand your portfolio of rental properties - finding the right mortgage / loan to support your venture can be a challenge. You could try to get a second mortgage on a buy to let property you own already, to let out through ourselves and use the money to buy another dwelling or carry out renovations / home improvements.

If you are wise you are probably watching the market, so you might well have your eye on a property that`s been on the market for a long time and is just waiting for the right offer for a quick sale. My Sort of Loan can quickly arrange a commercial loan against your existing property to put the cash in your pocket and put you in the best negotiating position. Why not call our UK based phone line and discuss your requirements with one of our commercial lending specialists on 0800 015 9295 or dial 0330 053 6001 (mobile friendly) to find out how we can help you get your own premises or start / expand your property portfolio.

  • Commercial loans up to £500,000 - My Sort of Loan can arrange a Commercial loan from £5000 up to £500,000 in increments of just £1,000, so whether you want to inject life into your business or buy some new / bigger premises, My Sort of Loan could have a great plan for you.

  • Affordable loan terms from 36 to 300 months to suit your budget - My Sort of Loan can arrange commercial loans over repayment periods ranging from 3 to 25 years so no matter what your plans are, we have a plan to fit most circumstances.

  • Commercial loans for buy to let - Struggling to get a mortgage on your next Buy to Let Venture? No problem! My Sort of Loan can arrange a second mortgage against your existing property so you can make a cash offer on your next property to snap up a quick sale bargain.


Commercial Loan Rates And Repayment Periods

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So how long can you take a commercial loan over? Well the simple answer is generally as long as you need to, My Sort of Loan have loan plans available from as little as 36 months to as long as 300 months but how do you go about deciding how long to take the loan over? Well our qualified mortgage advisors will listen to you plans needs and demands then talk through you through the best plans available for your requirements covering everything from the amount to the term and how long to fix your interest for. At My Sort of Loan we go the extra mile to find the right solution for you so why not call our dedicated UK based commercial finance team on 0800 015 9295 now and speak to our advisors.


Amounts Available Via Commercial Loans

One of the most common questions we are asked at My Sort of Loan is how much am I able to borrow, naturally this varies between applications however our range of commercial finance plans start from as little as £5000 to as much as £500,000. The real question should be how much do you need to borrow and how can I borrow it? Well that`s where we come in, as My Sort of Loan we will do our level best to get the commercial loan that you need to progress your business. So if you need a cash injection to invest in a new product or funding to buy your first or next buy to let property or even just a commercial loan to freshen up your existing properties speak to My Sort of Loan on 0800 015 9295.


Commercial Loans UK Lenders

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If you are thinking about taking a commercial loan out in the UK you may well be concerned about who will be collecting your mortgage payments, especially after the events of 2008 when many American mortgage companies tried to call in mortgages to save themselves from going under. Well you`ll be relieved to know My Sort of Loan has a panel of commercial lenders who are based exclusively in the UK. So not only will you be dealing with one of our dedicated UK based qualified mortgage advisors, you can be assured that your commercial loan will based with a UK commercial lender. At My Sort of Loan we even give you a free phone UK number to call us on as well as a mobile friendly number to ring us free from your UK landline on 0800 015 9295 or from your UK mobile on 0330 053 6001.