Things You Need To Know Before Leaving Home

When you first leave home there are some basic skills that can make a huge difference to how efficiently your journey into independence goes….


Time Management:

Group everything that you need to do into categories based on how important it is. Then go down the list until your done for the day or just cannot do any more. You have to use willpower to get things done and once you get started, it`s a lot easier to keep going. If you don`t do anything, then everything will pile up on you before you know it and it is then that you see people getting stressed out and overwhelmed about things that they could have prevented to start with.


Clean Up ASAP:

When your done cooking or you just get back from a holiday you normally want to leave everything until later to get done. You really need to just suck it up for 15 minutes and you will get most things done. It makes everything go smoother and easier when you just get up and get going. Most chores don`t take that long to do… and you are only wasting time procrastinating.


Don`t Over Commit:

It can be really hard to tell people NO, but you really just have to tell them no. It`s your life and if you don`t want to go do something, then say so. You can watch people who can`t say no, get so busy doing activities that they didn`t want to do in the first place that they don`t have time to do the things that they really want to do. You could use a rule of three: - Have no more than three extra-curricular events going on in your life at one time. Always count your family as one of those three so it keeps you from getting crowded and helps prevent you from spending my time in less important ways.


Keep your word:

When it comes to doing business and having friends, you need to be honest and do what you say you will do. For example, if you owe £300 for rent to your landlord it doesn`t do any good to tell them you have the money, but not give it to them. You can`t just tell people you are going to pay them back, you have to actually pay them. This makes a BIG DIFFERENCE to how you are perceived; saying you are going to do something and actually doing it are two totally different things. Paying bills on time will help you to earn the respect of your peers.

These are a lot of the basic things that you have to learn when living on your own. Try and see if these hints and tips works for you and help you manage your time and activities in a way that makes you feel productive and also keeps you from being overworked and stretched too thin.


Finance`s & Budgeting

When living on your own for the first time it is important to ensure you have a good grasp of your finance`s - so make sure you detail your income and outgoings, write down a detailed budget and account for the expenses, this can be a great way of maximizing your money and help to prevent you getting yourself in a financial mess.