Save Money and Lose Weight

Staying active and being in shape can be a cost effective hobby, there are lots of people out there who like to keep healthy, but the amount of money spent between us could be drastically different.

When you are looking to find somewhere to work out, start by looking for a few basic things to be answered first.

  • What’s my goal?

  • How often am I going to work out?

  • Do I need special equipment?

  • Can I do something different to get the same results?

Based on your answer to these questions, you can come up with a variety of options. You can opt for the high tech route, or you can go the low tech route. In reality most people are going to do something in the middle of all of that.

The best example of can be seen in the film Rocky 4 - when the two opponents are preparing for their boxing match. You see two people going for the same results in two totally different ways. One of them is using every machine and computerised help to get his best out of everything. And the other one is doing all sorts of work outs that don’t use any special technology or machinery. Effectively demonstrating that there are many different ways to work out to get the same results.

Unless you`re a professional athlete or a body builder, you probably don’t need very much in the way of exercise equipment. Running and biking are pretty cheap. The only costs are the clothes and the bike, which can be found cheaply on the internet using sites such as preloved, ebay and even facebook.

Instead of buying a doorway pull up bar for up to 40 pounds, try installing a pipe on the wall. It’ll probably cost about fifteen pounds and it won’t mess up the trim like the doorway bars may do.

You don’t have to go to the the huge gym that boasts 10 squash courts and a super all singing gym to get into shape. If you ask most people, some will say they don’t go that often, and when they do, they probably stick to the same few machines or classes. So what is all of your extra money going out the door for? All the extra goodies that you don’t use...! Why pay for what your not going to use?

You can also find good deals if you really do want to go to a gym. It does help motivate some people to get up and go somewhere to work out, so it can be a legitimate reason to go somewhere. But going to a friends house to work out can do the same thing. Especially if that friend already has the workout equipment you are looking for.

Many apartment complexes have a work out area for their residents so you don’t have to get a gym membership. A lot of apartments, businesses, and churches also have discounts available at gyms if they don’t have one of their own. So ask, you never know what you might be offered to get some effective yet low cost exercise.

You don’t have to spend much money to stay in shape. You only have to find the right motivation to keep you working out to stay fit. The actual workout you choose to do is just a means to an end.