Personal Loans

Our clients take out personal unsecured loans and personal secured loans for virtually any purpose - furthermore you will be given a free no obligation quotation on any personal loan before you decide whether or not to accept the loan offer.

Our lenders unsecured personal loans start at £1,000 and can go up to £20,000. Competitive plans are available for customers with good or bad credit. A big help is that the repayment terms are matched to your budget, over a period of 12 to 84 months. These loans also usually enable early repayment potentially bringing a significant saving on the interest you would have paid!

Alternatively you may wish to consider, or be looking for, personal secured loans. These start at just £3,000 and can go up to £250,000. Repayment terms / options are much more varied and start at 3 years, going up in yearly increments to a maximum of 25 years.

Our clients have borrowed via large loans, long term loans and small loans.
To find out what your options are please call our UK team for free on 0800 0159 295 or dial mobile friendly 0330 053 6001, alternatively simply complete our short online enquiry form and we will work around your schedule (don`t worry - no credit check is carried out with this form). All loans are subject to status.


Why Consider UK Secured Loans

You may be thinking`why opt for the secured loan route?`. There are many reasons, but the more common ones are:

  • You would like to borrow a larger amount than you have been offered via an unsecured loan.

  • The monthly repayments and / or the rates offered are too high for you to be happy to commit to.

  • Money obtained is to be used on home improvements; such as an extension, conservatory, new kitchen or extra bathroom.

  • You have applied for loans and have unfortunately been refused / declined by the lenders. This can be due to missed credit payments, defaults, CCJ`s or mortgage arrears - but it can also simply be due to a low credit score, lack of credit history or not being on the voters roll.

Now that we`ve established what your personal loan lending options may be, let`s start thinking about finding the right sort of personal loan for you, because not all personal loan lenders criteria are the same. This is where our knowledge and experience comes to the fore:


Personal Loan Amounts & Criteria By Product

  • Secured personal loans, (also known as homeowner loans / second mortgages) from £3,000 to £250,000 - depending on the equity in your home, credit history and your current income. My Sort of Loan can arrange the right secured loan for you from our extensive lender panel. These loans are secured on your home.

  • Unsecured personal loans from £1,000 to £20,000 - depending on your credit history, income and age. These loans do not require any additional security.

  • UK based and owned loan centre - Whenever you call My Sort of Loan you will talk to someone in the UK who is understanding of your circumstances.

  • Personal Loans for any purpose - whether it`s a new car, a holiday or consolidation we are able to consider applications for any legal purpose.

  • Personal Loans with Bad Credit - My Sort of Loan have a wide ranging panel of lenders some of whom will consider a broad range of poor credit / adverse credit scenarios.


Personal Loan UK

In the UK there are several types of personal loans available, some are quite simple to obtain and can be arranged by nothing more than a simple phone call to your bank. However if the bank isn`t willing to assist or if you need to borrow more than they are willing to lend, or you want to see if there is a better rate then perhaps My Sort of Loan can help - we will aim to get you the best loan rate for your scenario from our panel.

Our UK based loan specialist team will assist you with your enquiry and help you to find the best solution to your borrowing needs from our lenders. As we`re an experienced UK based loan intermediary, you can rest assured that you will receive straight forward and relevant advice. We can either arrange a personal loan which is secured against your home or look at unsecured loan lenders plans.


Personal Loans Bad Credit

You may have heard that if you`ve have bad credit in the past, you won`t be able to get a personal loan for a long time in the future. Yes, you may have less options or you may have to pay a higher rate - but some of My Sort of Loan customers have successfully taken out a loan even when their credit history was poor and they had been refused a loan elsewhere.

But what about the rates applied the personal secured or unsecured loans with bad credit, won`t they be higher? Well the short answer is yes they will be to some degree. However not all adverse credit is counted by all lenders. Some lenders ignore certain defaults or even CCJ`s dependant on their age and size.
Here at My Sort of Loan, we`ll work with you to get the bigger picture and do our best to help.

So at the moment you have a poor credit history ….. but perhaps you want to clear up those outstanding debts, get those creditors off your back and get on with life? If you can afford the higher rate that comes with the bad credit and repair your credit, you may be able to go for a much better product at some point in the future. Don`t bank on it as rates can change at any time (as can markets) but you will be in a better position should the opportunity arise.

We call this use of a personal loan with bad credit a credit repair loan. You can take your loan out for a term to keep the repayments affordable while your credit file is bad and the rate is higher and clear your bad debts. Then you may in the future look to refinance your personal loan with bad debt into a lower rate personal loan, remortgage or secured loan with a good credit profile to many of the lenders out there directly, perhaps even the high street, getting on a shorter term for a similar monthly repayment.


Personal Loans For Business.

Much is made of personal loans by banks, building societies, finance houses, asset finance companies and brokers but you might be wondering what`s so personal about a loan anyway? Well very simply a personal loan isn`t a loan to a business. It is a loan arranged for and supplied to a private individual.

So can you use a personal loan to start a business? Well perhaps, this is a slightly more complex area. It helps that we have access to specialist business loan providers….. At My Sort of Loan our qualified loan advisers will work with you to find the right personal loan for you whether you want to use it to start or expand a business, buy a new car, pay for a wedding, make some home improvements or consolidate some of your existing debts. Just call our UK based team on 0800 0159 295 and tell us what you`re planning.