Online Loans

Our clients are now doing more and more of their key business online - from your weekly shop, to booking your holidays, interacting with your friends, moving home and taking out loans online. The internet loans arena is where My Sort of Loan comes to the fore.

We have embraced online technology because it is what many of our customers want - but we have also kept our seasoned loan support team on hand to swiftly process your online loan enquiry and get your money released to you as soon as possible.

Our advanced systems combined with a knowledgeable, dedicated UK loan team means that our customers can seek to obtain any purpose loans from £3,000 to £150,000. Furthermore to help make repayments affordable loan plans can be taken out over just 36 months up to 300 months - to suit your budget. Please complete our short on line enquiry form to get the figures for your scenario without any obligation, or call our UK loan team for free on 0800 0159 295 or dial 0330 0536001 (mobile friendly).

We also know that financial circumstances can change - so many of our panel of loan products enable you to settle the loan early if you find yourself able to (for example if you are aware of some money coming your way in the future) which could help to save you a lot of interest. All loans are subject to status and affordability. Secured loans are secured on property.

Our experience in arranging loans gives our customers more time to enjoy life and carry on with activities they want to spend time doing. After all if you`ve spent all day at work looking forward to your evening or weekend why would you spend your precious leisure time trying to navigate the loan sector when you could start your application for an on line loan in minutes during your break?


Our Customers Could Use Our Online Loan Lender Plans To:

  • Build an extension on your house or such as a loft conversion or an extra room above the garage

  • Replace your kitchen / bathroom or decide to have an en-suite installed in the master bedroom.

  • Make a major purchase such as a caravan, vehicle, static home or holiday home.

  • Get on top of your cash flow by using the online loan application to seek a debt consolidation loan to refinance your credit into a more manageable monthly repayment.

  • Purchase a holiday home abroad, invest in a buy to let property or help loved ones get on the housing ladder.

Our short on line loan enquiry form enables you to make your loan enquiry 24 / 7 to My Sort of Loan to suit you - even whilst sitting in your matching onesies whilst chilling out on a weekday evening.

And that`s the point really isn`t it? Why spend your down time doing the more stressful things in life when you could be doing what you want to do? At My Sort of Loan we aim to help you get on with your life with the minimum disruption and help you achieve your goals by arranging your online loan for you from our extensive panel of secured loan lenders.

When you apply on line for a loan with My Sort of Loan you won`t be spending your quality time waiting in a call queue for an update, we will contact you and go through the details with you giving you all the facts and figures before you decide to go ahead, we will then keep you fully informed as your loan is arranged. We`d much rather you were checking out a grill and matching hob for your new kitchen than chasing us for progress.


Online Loans Bad Credit

Ok, having established that you can apply for an on line loan at any time of the day or night with My Sort of Loan, lets have a look at some of the other benefits of looking into our on line loan enquiry process. If you`ve been unfortunate enough to hit hard times in the past or been let down by someone who you took joint credit out with you can start your credit reparation process by completing our online enquiry form. We will then come back to you and look at how we can help you turn things around and try to get you the loan you are seeking.

The key for us is to try and make sure we are helping you get in a better position. A good thing for you to be aware of is that we have access to specialised secured lenders who will consider bad credit but do not deal with the public directly - they only accept clients who`s loan is arranged through approved intermediaries, such as My Sort of Loan.

We have been around for some time and therefore have seen many scenarios. As far as we are concerned, it`s your story and it is important, so if you need to tell it to somebody and are a homeowner who has unfortunately found themselves with some bad credit, talk about it to My Sort of Loan. We are interested in hearing it and we will use it to try and help you get what you want. If we can`t help we will always try to explain why, which in itself may help you later on down the road.

You see, when you apply to us for an online loan you don`t have to spend ages repeating yourself time and time again to an endless cycle of people and being told no a dozen times over before maybe finding the right company. Just fill out our online loan application form and we will come back to you with a view to getting you a decision in principal in the shortest time from our selection of lenders. One of our loan advisers will talk to you about any other the relevant information at a time that`s convenient for you then recommend a product that is suitable to you from our secured homeowner loan lender panel.


Fast Loans Online

Of course what we all ideally want from using the web to find loan options is a fast online loan. You only need to go back in time a decade or two to the days of absolutely everything being done by post. There`s a reason it`s sometimes now called snail mail and that`s down to just how much time the internet can save.
With the right combination of a technically savvy fast online loans intermediary like My Sort of Loan and a desire to get things done the time taken to process an online loan enquiry can be massively reduced.

And let`s face it when you want an online loan and you want a fast online loan, it could be because it`s for a fast car, a fast getaway or to refinance those credit cards as fast as you can. Speed is of the essence in the 21 st century so if you want it fast, enquire online for a loan via My Sort of Loan and we will get to it as fast as we possibly can.

This is how we try to minimise the time taken to get your loan arranged:

  • Apply For An Online Loan Any Time.

  • Process The Loan To Your Schedule.

  • Bad / Adverse Credit Plans Available.

  • Loans Can Be Used For Any Purpose.

  • Tailor Matched Loan Amounts & Terms.


Internet Loans

So there we have it you can enquire about our loans on the internet, does going on the internet for our finance products make us all insular and unsociable? Well, as far as My Sort of Loan is concerned, no. We`d much rather you were socialising in your leisure time and letting us worry about expediting your internet loan enquiry. By utilising the internet we can get items to and from you wherever you are and without waiting for the postman.

So if it`s a new kitchen, a better bathroom, a new car or just reducing your monthly credit bills you could do a lot worse than spending your Tuesday night looking into our homeowner UK internet loans for your borrowing needs and your leisure time enjoying yourself. Not so very long ago we would spend many of our weekends queuing up at supermarkets doing the weekly shop followed by visiting relatives before getting an early night so we were all fresh faced and ready for the weekly grind. Now we can use the internet to beat the queues for groceries, find a holiday, skype the family and apply for an online loan, leaving the rest of the time to relax or go out.

The internet has been with us for some time now and has permeated our everyday life with such phrases `Google it!` and `Stick it on Ebay!` entering the language. Over the course of the last few years with the advent of online giants such as Amazon and Facebook etc our wariness of carrying out our key activities online has fallen away. In the very internet friendly 21 st century we are much more likely to have groceries delivered on a wet Wednesday evening and have a quick chat with our relatives abroad on skype and keep our leisure time purely for leisure - so it is only inevitable that financial services products such as loans would also become predominantly online.