Loans Over 10 Years

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The 120 month loan term is a very popular choice amongst our customers. My Sort Of Loan can help you spread your loan repayments over a term that suits your budget, including a 10 year loan term. This enables you to ensure you get the money that you require without over stressing your cash flow. It is worth remembering the loans can be used for any purpose and all circumstances are considered. Loan rates can either be fixed or variable depending on your preferences and availability.


How Much Can I Borrow Over Ten Years?

Loan amounts start at £5,000 and can go up to £150,000. Repayment periods can be set between 3 years and 25 years to help with affordability, early repayment options are also available. Common reasons My Sort of Loan clients decide to borrow for include: consolidating debts, carrying out home improvements, buying a caravan or purchasing a holiday home. One of our loan underwriters will discuss your exact requirement and advise on the best deal from our lender panel that matches your financial status. We can calculate your loan repayments over a 10 year loan agreement or any other term to suit your budget


Why Choose A 10 Year Loan?

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Ensuring you have a fixed repayment term allows you to properly plan your finances and allows you to have an end point to your debt. If you have credit card debts and paying back minimum payments you could be repaying the debt for a much longer period of time than ten years, this may also result in you repaying more money back in interest depending on your individual circumstances. Find out your repayments before you commit by calling freephone on 0800 0159 108 or dial 0330 0536001 (mobile friendly),alternatively complete our quick quote enquiry form (no credit search required) and get a free quote on a 10 year loan matched to your budget.

When you enquire for a loan for a 10 year period, one of our advisers can give you a detailed personal illustration showing your monthly repayments and the total amount repayable for your loan option. Remember: Increasing your loan term over or under the 10 year period will affect the amount you repay, reducing the term will often increase the amount you repay monthly but will decrease the amount repaid overall.


Borrowing Money Over 10 Years With Bad Credit

Sometimes unexpected challenges occur in life and the next thing you know your credit is completely turned upside down. When you are back on your feet the previous blip can impact your credit score for many years ahead. Having bad credit can leave you with limited borrowing options and not knowing what to do next. The good news is, there are bad credit loan options available. The bad news is - these usually come with a higher interest rate than someone who has does not have bad credit. Although there can positive longer term impact on your credit score if you use the opportunity to clear bad debts. So whilst you are paying a higher interest rate on your bad credit loan, you are being given a chance to rebuild your credit rating, which may allow you to refinance and find a lower rate before the end of the 10 year term.

A 10 year bad credit loan can give you a second chance but when you get approved for your loan make sure you can afford the monthly repayments . Keep it simple, get what you need, ensure you keep up your repayments and rebuild your credit. You can apply for a ten year loan online right now, complete our simple online enquiry form and start the loan approval process.

My Sort Of Loan is not just a finance broker offering bad credit loans, if you have good credit you can apply for a loan as well and potentially benefit from a loan with a much cheaper loan APR.