Loans For People With CCJ`s

If you`ve had credit problems in the past you might have picked up a county court judgement, often called a CCJ. This may make it difficult for you to obtain a loan but we arrange competitive loans from lender plans who will lend to people with CCJ`s . You may be worried that your now probably lower credit score has been permanently dented - however there may be real opportunities to turn your circumstances around with a little help from My Sort of Loan. Our clients have successfully taken out loans, even with recent large CCJ`s, defaults and even mortgage arrears to achieve their loan requirements and put themselves in a better, positive forward thinking financial position.

We have some of the best, lowest cost loans available for people with CCJ`s on our extensive loan panel. Loan amounts start at just £5,000 and can be for as much as £250,000 - with repayment terms from 3 to 25 years to match your budget . Call our UK based, low credit score loan team today for free on 0800 0159 295 or dial mobile friendly 0330 053 6001 .

If you don`t have time to chat right now, you can always make an enquiry via our short online enquiry form .Whatever the reason for your CCJ, My Sort of Loan are specialists in finding the right loan from our panel, at the right loan rate to suit your circumstances. Our qualified UK loan advisers will provide a totally free no obligation quotation and provide you with specialist county court judgement loans.


Why Choose My Sort of Loan To Help With CCJ Loans?

  • Our lenders loan plans range from £7,500 to £150,000 - and many of our loan amounts and terms are available to clients with CCJ`s, defaults, low credit score or mortgage arrears .

  • Repair your credit - you can pay of your creditors and hopefully stop all those unpleasant letters and phone calls while at the same time repairing your credit status.

  • Any purpose loans - our loans aren`t just for a major purchase or debt consolidation, having a difficult credit history doesn`t mean that you have no credit future, whether it`s a car loan, home improvements or the holiday of a lifetime My Sort of Loan are here to try and help whatever your credit history, provided it is the best move for you.

  • Look forward to a brighter future - Once you have paid your loan for a while you may be able to refinance your loan onto a lower rate via any major intermediary or lenders. You may want to come back to us, but that is purely optional.


CCJ Loan Lenders

My Sort of Loan`s panel of lenders cover many unsecured lenders who will accept county court judgements alongside many second mortgage lenders, including those who specialise in lending to people who have had a CCJ or perhaps a number of CCJ`s. My Sort of Loan have worked hard for you to have these lenders on our panel in order to offer a sensible way forward to many of our clients.

Its fair to say that when you take a loan out after having a CCJ it is likely to cost a bit more than it did before, that`s because the lender is taking more of a risk based on your past credit history. This can be little off putting and it may be that you are thinking twice about applying for a loan, however there are advantages to taking a second mortgage out at this stage beyond your immediate need to obtain funds.

Repairing your credit after a turbulent time, which caused bad credit, can often start with taking out secured loan / second mortgage borrowing and showing that you are capable of maintaining payments over long period of time. Many of our clients who have had credit problems could use our lenders loans ( and possibly future mortgage, loan and credit lenders) to show that they have turned a corner in their lives and that they can manage their credit commitments.

That said, it isn`t strictly necessary to pay you loan over a long period or for your monthly repayments to be especially expensive. If you take your loan our for a slightly longer term whilst you qualify for higher rate lenders you can keep your repayments lower and manageable. However this will clearly be more expensive over the long loan term. If you manage to increase / improve your credit score My Sort of Loans advisers / other loan intermediaries or providers might look to refinance your loan to a lower rate and maybe over a shorter term so that you pay less in the long term. Why not speak to one of our UK loan advisers and let us help you find the most suitable .


How Long Does A CCJ Last?

The straight answer is that the CCJ will show on your credit file for 6 years but just because the CCJ has stopped showing, the debt has not gone away. However if you settle the court judgement it may reduce the time it counts as a negative with many or our loan lenders and begins the process of repairing your credit profile. It is often better to get rid of a CCJ by settling it as soon as affordable as you might even find that if you ignore a CCJ totally your creditor may with a courts consent place a charging order against your home and make their debt secured so that you may not be able to sell your house or borrow additional money against it via a secured loan (second mortgage) or remortgage without paying the county court judgement debt to an agreed sum.

Even if you reach this point My Sort of Loan will still try to still help you with a loan to settle your CCJ and remove the charging order against your home. Again My Sort of Loan have specialist advisers who can help you utilise your equity to stop this from happening.

If you should find yourself in this situation there really is no time to lose, call one of our specialist UK low credit score loan team as soon as you can and we will listen to your scenario confidentially and see how we can best help you.

Of course it doesn`t always happen like this and often you would have been making payments towards your CCJ for quite some time and everyone is content with the situation. If its have been a while and the balance owed on your CCJ is reducing then it may be that you can apply for a loan without having to settle your CCJ at all.

Whatever your circumstances My Sort of Loan will endeavour to advise you on the most suitable route for taking out a secured homeowner loan or a personal homeowner loan from our UK lender panel, even with county court judgements, provided it is the right move for you and we have a lender who will accept you. So contact us to try to help you get the loan you are seeking and (where required) getting back on track with your credit.