Loans For Pensioners

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Join the thousands of clients from the UK`s mature population who have enhanced their life with competitive loans for pensioners. We work all our lives trying to put money aside into our pension pot to provide for our retirement. However we never know what`s around the corner that we haven`t budgeted for.

Maybe you have an interest only mortgage which needs to be repaid, perhaps you are looking to improve your existing lifestyle or have existing debts you`d like to consolidate? At My Sort of Loan we can help with solutions for most circumstances. With our extensive choice of loans and exclusive products for retired and senior citizens, we could help to turn your aspirations into reality.

Maybe you have applied for finance previously and been told there are no options due to your age, income, or credit status?

- Perhaps you sought to borrow money and pay for it with your monthly pension but have been declined.

- It could be you wanted a low rate loan and are over 60 but were told that you are too old.

At My Sort of Loan, if you are over 55 years of age and have equity in your property then we have real loan options for you.

You are not the first to have been let down in this way, as for many lenders you need to be working full time to borrow money and be under 65 years old at the end of the loan term. My Sort of Loan has worked hard to fill this gap with tailored loan plans and we certainly don`t believe your age or income source should restrict your loan options. So find out what your repayments could be today via a free quote by calling free phone on a mobile or landline using 0800 0159 295 or dial 0330 0536001 (mobile friendly) and speak confidentially with one of our experienced, friendly UK loan processing staff.

Alternatively complete our short online enquiry form (don`t worry no credit search will be carried out with this form) and we`ll try our very best to swiftly arrange your competitive loan.


Loan Options For The Retired

Some key features for homeowners that are semi-retired or fully retired are:

  • Low interest rates - when you secure the loan on your property, you have access to great interest rates and longer terms than an unsecured loan.

  • Buy-to-let properties - not only can you use your residential property to secure the loan, but we also accept buy-to-let properties.

  • Age - at My Sort of Loan, we don`t believe your age or income should restrict your loan options. With some plans, there is no end date to the loan.

So what options are available if you`re over 55 and looking at retirement or have already given up work and are living on a pension income? At My Sort of Loan we can look at either a homeowner secured loan or an equity release solution to enable you to achieve your goals. You might be worried about your income levels, especially with the rise in living costs, and therefore delaying when you decide to fully retire? Or maybe you`re thinking that selling your property will be the only option to clear an interest-only mortgage? At My Sort of Loan, we have many borrowing options available for customers who are either still working or retired. These could help to ease any financial worries. One of our qualified advisers can talk you through the different options, considering your future aspirations and objectives.

When it comes to finance options for clients who have retired or are considering retiring, we will look at your income, equity and credit status to decide which option would be the best for you. With our panel of lenders and hundreds of products, we can look at second mortgages (secured loans),remortgaging if you have an existing mortgage, or equity release (lifetime mortgage & retirement interest-only mortgage). Once we have completed a short fact find with you, you will be placed with one of our qualified advisers who will walk you through the process from start to finish. To discuss this further, please call 0800 0159295 or 0330 0536001 (mobile friendly). Alternatively, please complete our short online enquiry form


Acceptable Pension Income For Homeowner Loans

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So you have a pension, or maybe you have a couple of pensions that are paying you an income, can you use all of that income? Well, you may very well be able to use all or any of your private pension income to support you loan application, if you`ve reached that age where you receive a state pension you can use that too as well as a number of state benefits – yes really some of our lenders plans allow various benefits to be included as income!. In fact there are all kinds of income that you can use to support your application

Whether you have employed income, pensions, or benefits - at My Sort of Loan we have solutions for most circumstances. We look at your equity, income and credit status and recommend the best product from our panel of lenders based on this. With some of the equity release products now available, we won`t need to look at your income and expenditure, as you can choose to roll up the interest each month as opposed to paying a monthly repayment.


Equity Release As An Alternative To Secured Loans

At Optimise Finance, we are asked many questions regards equity release products. `Will my home still belong to me`, `Can I sell my house if there`s a loan secured on it`, `Will I leave any of the equity to my beneficiaries when I die`? These are just a few of the concerns when discussing equity release plans. At Optimise Finance, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and all our equity release products are managed by the Equity Release Council. Therefore, you will receive qualified advice by one of our advisers, and you will be covered by the `no negative equity guarantee` to ensure you will still be able to leave some of the property to your loved ones. With most plans, you can also make over payments to reduce your capital and so increase the level of equity.

With an equity release mortgage, there is no end date for the term. The loan would be paid off by either selling the property, moving into permanent residential care, or upon death. However, with a second mortgage secured loan, these usually have to be cleared before your 80 th birthday. Our qualified secured loan advisers will carefully consider your current circumstances and future needs to recommend a plan that achieves your objectives.