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Whoever you are and whatever you do, we could help you. Have you been thinking about embarking upon that overdue project, is it time to make a special purchase or do you want to get on top of your credit? - well maybe now is the time to get your ideal, any purpose loan that is matched to your own unique goals. Loans are available for any purpose from just £3,000 to £250,000, over a term from 3 to 25 years, at competitive rates & to suit your budget. Whether you are considering home improvements, a special occasion or want to make a key purchase, then we want to help.

In our view loans should never be accepted without due consideration to the real facts and figures, that is why you will be provided with a free quotation that will not affect your credit rating by My Sort of Loan. We like to keep things simple, transparent and straightforward - so please call our team for free on 0800 0159 108 or dial 0330 053 6001 (mobile friendly). Alternatively fill in our one minute short enquiry form to find out you can join the multitude of customers we have already helped.


Any Purpose - Including Debt Consolidation

Perhaps you want to know the facts and figures involved to help you decide whether to consolidate your current loans and finance agreements in order to reduce your monthly outgoings or not? Alternatively - home extensions, holiday homes, home enhancements or special occasions could be on your list, the good news is if any of these situations sound familiar then you are in good hands, we have successfully enabled customers from across the UK to meet their finance targets, whatever their purpose or credit scenario.

Whilst borrowing money from high street banks can feel like it has become increasingly difficult, my sort of loan endeavour to deliver matched, any purpose loan solutions for our clients. Some banks may frown upon debt consolidation but at the end of the day it is often the banks that gave you the credit cards, loans and overdraft in the first place - that are now overburdening you. Well maybe you can turn the tables, we specialise in homeowner loans but also have access to other loan solutions and with many of our lenders acceptance isn`t based solely on credit checks or the amount of equity you have in your home. Instead lending should be about whether you are committed to the agreement, can meet the repayments and are being placed in a better position.


Criteria Of Loans For Any Purpose

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We take the time to understand your personal circumstances and current financial situation to arrange a loan to suit your needs, whatever the purpose or your credit history. Some key facts to think about when deciding to enquire through My Sort of Loan:

  • Our free quote loan search will not affect your credit rating

  • Whole of market homeowner loan panel & Multiple tenant loans

  • Any purpose loans from £5,000- £250,000

  • On average our clients obtain around £30,000 for their own purposes

  • We will consider any amount (min £3,000),any term & any reason


Loans For Homeowners, Landlords & Tenants

Whether you are a homeowner, a landlord or a tenant a loan arranged through My Sort of Loan can be used for virtually any purpose (so long as the reason is legal of course).

Whether you need the loan for those home improvements you`ve been discussing for `a while`, for a new car or for a family holiday you`ve been waiting for, now maybe you can. Whichever loan purpose you require, we tailor our service to suit your requirements and circumstances. Best of all, we have the technology and expertise to make the application process straightforward and hitch free.

Remember when it comes to arranging your any purpose loan, experience is vital. Here at my sort of loan the directors and team have a combined 50 years expertise in this specialist area of lending. As a leading UK loan intermediary we have helped many clients to obtain their any purpose loan, see below for just a sample of some of the loan purposes which we have facilitated for our UK wide clients:

  • Debt consolidation or clear credit / mortgage arrears

  • Finance for business purposes

  • Wedding or anniversary or education fees

  • Home improvement finance or property extension

  • Loans to pay income tax or VAT

  • Raising funds to help the purchase of another property or holiday home

  • Car, mobile home or caravan purchase

If you take out a homeowner secured loan your any purpose loan is classed as a second mortgage ranking behind your existing mortgage meaning the loan can be spread over a longer term than for example higher purchase or unsecured loan. The advantage of spreading the loan over a longer period of time is that your monthly outlay can be reduced. However, the downside is that ultimately you may pay more interest than you would have done if you had left existing debt in place dependant upon the relative interest rates at the time.

It`s worth bearing in mind that although you can spread the loan term to reduce monthly outlay, some of our lenders will allow customers to make extra repayments or `accelerated payments`. This facility is particularly relevant if you receive bonus payments or are perhaps self employed with a fluctuating income. Therefore when times are good you can make extra payments, conversely when times aren`t so good you can revert to the regular contractual payment but overall you could reduce the total amount you repay or even finish your loan for any purpose early.

The lenders on my sort of loan panel offer highly competitive loan rates matched to your credit history, be it good fair or poor because we an extensive loan panel including some of the more specialist lenders that will help clients that have a less than perfect credit profile. All of the lenders we have on our panel are reputable UK finance companies and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


I Have An Investment Property Can This Be Used To Secure My Any Purpose Loan?

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If you have a `buy to let` Investment property some of the lenders on my sort of loan lender panel allow your loan to be secured against this type of security. This allows you to raise capital against this property without the need to sell it.a


Can I Repay My Loan For Any Purpose Early?

The simple answer to this question is yes, the lenders on the My Sort of loan lender panel all allow customers to repay their any purpose loan early. Full details as to the lenders policy are clearly shown on your loan agreements.