Instalment Loans

Our instalment loan amounts start at £3,000 and go up to £250,000. You can spread the loans over terms of 3 to 25 years to suit you. Paying in instalments rather than one lump sum is a big help with cash flow.This enables you to keep the payments sensible and in line with your budget. Furthermore if you are able to clear the loan early you can make the most of any early loan repayment options.

We have helped a multitude of instalment loan clients from across the UK by them choosing the right loan term for the amount they are borrowing and the disposable income they have available. Instalments through our lenders plans start at just 36 months and can go up to 300 months giving you a wide range of options to help you get the loan you require with repayments you can afford.

When arranging your advance we will consider not only how much your instalment will cost, but how many instalments you should spread your loan over and how you might best benefit from keeping the instalments sensible - but not too long - to help reduce the total interest payable.

Contact out UK instalment loan specialist team for free on 0800 0159 295 or dial 0330 0536001 (mobile friendly) alternatively fill in our short on line enquiry form and look at the amount you require, then start working on your instalments. Bear in mind our lenders loan plans can be used for virtually any purpose including: home improvements, a new / replacement car, debt consolidation, school or tax fees or a special occasion / major purchase.



Monthly Instalment Loans.

Being able to make monthly instalments is one of the many reasons why people come to My Sort of Loan. At My Sort of Loan we will work with you to determine how much and how long your instalment loan should be. Rather than just looking at a table of figures and trying to figure out what you might need, My Sort of Loan`s qualified loan advisers will talk to you about where you are now, where you want to go and how you want to get there. Once we know your requirements we’ll recommend the right instalment loan for you always keeping one eye on what you might want to do later. All loans are subject to status and affordability.

  • Instalment Loan Within Your Budget

  • The Right Term For Your Circumstances

  • Borrow £3,000 - £250,000 For Virtually Any Purpose

  • Flexible Plans for Your Changing Requirements

  • Low Early Redemptions Charge On Some Plans

  • Instalment Loans for People With Good & Bad Credit

  • Possibilities To Refinance If Your Situation Was Complex & Improves


Instalment Loans With Bad Credit.

Of course if you have been unfortunate enough to have hit financial problems and incurred bad credit in the past you will be only too aware of how important it is to have the right sort of instalment loan. At My Sort of Loan we’re interested in your future finances and although we may need to understand a little of your financial past in order to help you move forward, our objective is to find you the best instalment loan we can to fit both your current circumstances and your future objectives. You may be pleasantly surprised at just how competitive some of the repayment loan rates are even with bad credit such as defaults, CCJ`s, credit arrears or mortgage arrears.

Now its fair to say that your past credit problem need not haunt you forever and many of our customers come to us wanting to repair their credit by demonstrating an ability to maintain a loan. In doing so they often want to consolidate old debts that they were unable to maintain and are currently doing nothing to bolster their credit rating.

Well at My Sort of Loan we don’t just offer a one shot solution and very often our advice reflects the anticipated recovery of your credit score.So you may be able to move to a better provider or product in the future on your own merit.


Suitable Advice Is At The Heart of Everything We Try To Do.

Nobody is perfect so inevitably we can`t get it right every time but we will always try our very best to match you with the right size of instalment for your budget and goals. Because our trained advisers take care to understand your circumstances we can tell you which lender will agree to lend under your current circumstances from our extensive loan lender provider panel.

If we think you can achieve a better solution we will always recommend that you investigate all of the alternatives before committing to one of our products.However once we do recommend a product to you, you can rest assured that it will be the right one for you.


Fictional Examples Of Potential Loan Scenarios That May Arise.

Take John for example, John wants an instalment loan £20,000 to pay his credit cards off, he is making his minimum monthly instalments which isn’t clearing his balance very quickly and not leaving him with much left in his pocket to spend. John wants to retire in 5 years and although he has a good pension he doesn’t want all his income to be spent on credit card bills.

My Sort of Loan can arrange a 20 year instalment loan for John which will give him 5 years of lower instalments while his income is at its highest. Because at My Sort of Loan we always aim to give you the best advice and arrange the best product for you from our panel, John can pay his instalment loan off early with the tax free lump sum when he starts to draw his pension without any Early Redemption Fees.

Now John can manage his finances with a lot more ease safe in the knowledge that he can retire without having to worry about having to falling into arrears and making life difficult for himself.
John was so happy with his instalment loan from My Sort of Loan that he we told his friend Bill all about it. Now Bill is a much younger chap and he has a young family to look after, he’s needs to build an extension on his house to accommodate a recent addition to his family.

Bill is a recently qualified architect and although things are a bit tight at the moment he knows that his income will increase over time. What Bill can’t afford right now is a sudden rise in interest rate. So at My Sort of Loan we can arrange an instalment loan for Bill that is fixed for first couple of years of his agreement to help him budget while things are tight.

Now while Bill is getting himself settled with his young family his colleague Sarah is about to get married and naturally wants her fairy tale wedding. Sarah has been a qualified professional for some time and has a large disposable income which means she could live with a rise in interest rates if they were to suddenly shoot up. Sarah also has a budget that she is comfortable with spending on her wedding and a very clear idea of how much time she is prepared to spend paying for it.

My Sort of Loan will work to Sarah’s budget to determine how long she will need to pay her instalment loan over being careful of course to make sure she can cope should interest rates go up, after all she may have a young family of her own soon and My Sort of Loan will take this in to account too while we are arranging her loan.

Despite them all having different priorities, needs and demands, the one thing that John, Bill and Sarah all have in common of course is that that all want to pay their instalment loans monthly instalments.