Holiday Loans

Are you thinking about taking a holiday loan out to pay for a much needed break? Thousands of people do just that every month.

A holiday provides you with the chance to leave the rat race for a while and recharge your batteries. Whether you are looking for a smaller loan to fund a short break or a larger loan to take the holiday of a lifetime we may well be able to help. Our lenders loans can be used for more than one purpose, with many clients taking the opportunity to do multiple things, such as consolidate some debts, do some home improvements and take that much needed break. Loan plans are available from £1,000 to £100,000 giving you scope to tick all your boxes at once.

Better still we appreciate that not everyone has a perfect credit history, so we have added competitive lenders that will consider you even if you have been refused elsewhere , been offered too little or have incurred some bad credit. Get your free, no obligation holiday finance quote via our short online enquiry form or call our UK based loan team for free on a mobile or landline using 0800 0159 295 or dial 0330 0536001 (mobile friendly).

My Sort of Loan has lender plans on its wide panel to cover all kinds of requirements; from a New York shopping trip to an African Safari. Whatever the reason for your holiday, why not speak to My Sort of Loan to find a loan solution to fund your dream destination? Maybe it`s time to take that once in lifetime holiday that you`ve always promised yourself? It might be a return to your honeymoon spot, the extended trip to see long missed family overseas or just the last big break before you start a family. We can arrange fast unsecured personal loans up to £15,000 and swiftly turn around secured loans that range to over £100,000.


Holiday Loan Company

Having decided to invest in increasing your bank of happy memories it`s time to think about what holiday loan company you are going to chose? Well you could ask your bank, which may be a good first choice, but what happens when they say no or don`t offer you enough to do all the things you wanted to.

We will try to help you whilst endeavouring to check you end up with the right loan for you. You see it`s great to go on the holiday of a lifetime but at some point the holiday is over and it`s time to come home and make the payments. That`s why at My Sort of Loan our UK based loan team will look at your whole situation, not just your holiday so when the holiday is over you can enjoy the memories without struggling to manage your finances.

  • Holiday Loans from £1,000 to £100,000 with a loan through My Sort of Loan, your dream holiday could be a phone call away regardless of your budget.

  • Use a Cash Loan to keep your Holiday costs low - Make the most of last minute deals and save on the surcharges by paying cash.

  • Make sure your dream holiday doesn`t cause cash flow issues - My Sort of Loan will provide suitable advice to help ensure that your happy memories come with affordable repayments


Holiday Loans For Bad Credit

Of course the vast majority of us have some kind of plan to get away from it all at some point in the future but it can seem all too far away - especially if you have incurred some poor credit or a low credit score from ccj`s, defaults or mortgage arrears in recent years. Yes it can make sense to put off and delay a really magnificent trip until later when things are rosier. The problem as we all know is that when you put things off until tomorrow, tomorrow may never come - so it may be worth tackling the route of credit related problems right here and now.

At My Sort of Loan we can help you to use a combination of loan purposes to repair your credit, clear troublesome debts and get a holiday loan even if you`ve had a troubled credit history. Why not talk to one of our qualified mortgage advisors today on 03300536001 and bring your long standing plans back into the here and now?


Big Holiday Loan UK

Ok so we`ve established that My Sort of Loan can arrange a holiday loan, but if this is going to be the granddaddy of all holidays then you`re going to need a big holiday loan to match. So what is a big holiday loan? Well how long is a piece of string? A big holiday loan is whatever you think it is relative to your income. Many of us would regard a loan of over £10,000 to be big, but this can vary dramatically from person to person. One thing for use is that a big loan in the £10,000 plus area should give you the buying power to take one mega-marvellous holiday. Regardless of how much large or small an amount you want to borrow My Sort of Loan will try to find the right finance solution for you.

My Sort of Loan can arrange a larger holiday loan from £5,000 to £150,000 so wherever you`re going and whatever you`re planning to do when you get there talk to My Sort of Loan on our Freephone number 0800 0159295 or our mobile friendly number 0330 0536001. We can`t book you a flight, arrange a hotel or change your currency but we can put you in a great position to get a great deal when you do any of these things. With a big holiday loan arranged by My Sort of Loan you`ll have the key to open any hotel door or get any other currency – good old fashion sterling cash. No credit card surcharges to worry about, no checking to currency converter every time you take your debit card out of your wallet. As the old adage goes - money talks, or in this case it flies, catches first class transfers, hires a car and takes a luxury cruise. There are no two ways about it with a hefty supply of cash as your disposal you call the shots.