High Acceptance Loans

Multiple high acceptance loan lender providers in the UK. You could get accepted for a loan even when you have been declined elsewhere. High and low loan amounts acceptable as well as long or short repayment term options. Also bad credit loan plans which could accept arrears, defaults and ccj`s.

We have already helped numerous people get accepted for loans from just £3,000 to as high as £150,000 from a number of high acceptance lenders who want to lend you the funds you are seeking. Whether your loan amount is large or small our UK based loan team won`t try to bamboozle you, we offer straight talking open advice and a comprehensive yet efficient service, designed to get you accepted for the right loan from our panel without delay.

If you could benefit from one of our high acceptance loan lender plans My Sort of Loan would be delighted to hear from you. Simply call us for a confidential, no obligation conversation on freephone 0800 0159 018 or dial 0330 053 6001 (mobile friendly) or if you prefer use short online enquiry form and one of our dedicated UK team will call you back at your convenience and run through your specific requirements.

Here at My Sort of Loan we find that many of our customers seek high acceptance loans. Let`s face it nobody wants to be let down and for some the very thought of not being accepted for a loan can be enough to put them off even applying. We will tell you quickly if we can help and will not place you on a loan plan unless we believe that you have a high chance of acceptance based on the information you provide.

For sure it is not easy to borrow money, nor should it be. But we believe where a loan puts you in a better place our clients can have a higher chance of being accepted for a loan when choosing us - even if they have been refused a loan elsewhere. This is due to having an extensive panel of homeowner loan lenders with wide ranging & ameniable criteria. Alongside our long standing relationships and customer team experience this all helps in improving the chance of your loan acceptance by knowing which plan fits for you.



Most Highly Acceptable Loan Purposes.

Whatever the purpose of your loan My Sort of Loan will look at a fuller picture for your new loan taking into account; whether you have a pristine high credit score or you have struggled before and taking into consideration not just your circumstances today, but also what you are trying to achieve.

Some of our most common accepted homeowner loan purposes include:

  • Repair Your Bad Credit File By Settling Off Your Old Defaults

  • Pay Off County Court Judgements So They Show As Satisfied

  • Repay Outstanding Creditors With A Debt Consolidation Loan

  • Home Improvements With A High Acceptance Loan

  • Buy A Holiday Home / Caravan / Static Home

  • Take That Holiday Of A Lifetime You Always Promised Yourself

  • Pay For Your Children`s Education Fees

  • Have An Amazing Wedding Day

  • Buy An Investment Property To Let Out

It`s fair to say that there are lots of loan intermediary companies out there claiming to arrange high acceptance loans so what makes My Sort of Loan different? We believe this could be because your application will be managed by one of our specialist advisers, who will select the right loan to suit your circumstances, thereby enhancing your chances of acceptance. We don`t just apply a one size fits all approach and we will aim to leave you with a loan that is right for you.

So when you apply for a high acceptance lenders loan via us it the core priority is arranging the most suitable loan from our panel - not the one that`s the easiest for us to arrange. My Sort of Loan will focus on the right UK home owner loan for any customer. The high acceptance loan repayments can be set between 36 and 300 months so we can try to strike the right balance between your budget and the total amount payable. We will also take into account your future plans - after all just because a 10 year term suits you today it might not suit you in 5 years time, so if you expect things to change our lenders will try to accommodate that at the outset too


How To Get Approved For A Loan.

There are a number of reasons why some of the high street or specialist lenders might not want to approve you for what may normally be a fairly high acceptance loan and it isn`t always because of any previous or current credit problems or arrears. Some easy to rectify pitfalls to note:

  • Not being on the voters roll. Lenders need to know where you live to make sure you are who you say you are and to trace your credit history. If you are not on it this will cause problems. It does not mean you have to vote.

  • Keep payslips for at least 4 months (yes even if paid weekly) and your latest P60. Affordability is a very large piece of being accepted for a loan and will influence how much you can borrow. If you cannot prove your income the lender would be remiss to lend to you. If you are self-employed you should keep accounts / SA302 / any proof of income paid to you for a goodly while.

  • Clear any defaults / ccjs / arrears you have if possible. Once settled / out of arrears, as the timeline from that point grows it should enable you to choose from a wider selection of loan providers and achieve acceptance by them.

We strive to achieve high acceptance for our customers. Our lenders have adapted to cater for all kinds of scenarios; perhaps you are self-employed or you don`t have up to date accounts. Maybe you`re a landlord looking for a high acceptance loan to fund your next property or you need a loan to move premises and expand your business. These are just some additional scenarios we may be able to help with. If we cannot help we will always try and tell you why, which may help you turn things around in the future.


Getting A Loan With Bad Credit.

At My Sort of Loan we don`t think that in credit terms a difficult past should mean a difficult future and we have access to lender plans which could cater for those who have found being accepted for a loan with bad credit difficult. Our specialist advisers have a detailed knowledge of all of our lenders products and will match your circumstances to the right product. High acceptance loans arranged by My Sort of Loan are never a one size fits all solution, we offer a bespoke quotation service based on your personal circumstances as they are now rather than what they have been.

If you have had prior bad credit or you have recently had defaults or CCJ`s it can be easy to assume that any kind of loan / finance / second mortgage is unavailable and your chances of acceptance are low. However sometimes, even if you have been unlucky enough to hit hard times in the past or currently, we may find a lender to help you get to a better position overall. In any loan scenario you should not be tempted to take the first available option regardless – always make sure any loan suits your circumstances and you can afford the repayments. Many of our lenders offer secured loans or second mortgages for homeowners, these can be more flexible in terms of your credit history but carry the same risks as a mortgage. Seek advice from a firm such as ours before you decide to secured a loan against your property.


High Acceptance Loans Direct Lenders

My Sort of Loan arrange homeowner loans from a wide selection of high acceptance loan direct lenders. These represent some of the best products available from our panel for a diverse cross section of borrowers. Loans can be obtained for a myriad of purposes and many of our lenders do not deal direct with the public. Utilise our team of experts to guide you through the process of getting approved for a loan. In many cases where a second mortgage / secured loan is taken out My Sort of Loan will arrange for the necessary valuations and legal fees to be paid for you - meaning that you don`t have to find any money upfront if you get accepted for the loan and can pay any fees due upon completion.

My Sort of Loan will provide with a free bespoke advice and a quotation and hopefully find arrange for you a high acceptance loan with no obligation on your part. So if you`re looking loans with bad credit to get your UK credit score back on track;or looking for those home improvements; or just wondering how to get accepted for a loan for a once in a lifetime holiday, call our dedicated UK team today on freephone 0800 0159 018 / 0330 053 6001 (mobile friendly).