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For the uninitiated finding the right sort of loan can be a bit like trying to navigate a maze in a blindfold using nothing but your sense of touch to find your way. All you need to do is turn the television on and wait for the adverts to start with all sorts of loan companies offering to find you the best loan. This gives the impression it must be easy to find a loan with banks, building societies and other loan companies bombarding you. This can be great if you meet their lending criteria and can get the loan amount and term you want - but what happens when you are offered too small an amount, or too short a loan term or are refused your loan? Our lenders any purpose loan plans start at £3,000 and extend up to £250,000 with terms from 36 to 300 months so you can match the amount you want to a repayment you can afford.

This is where My Sort of Loan can help, our UK based specialist loan team will find out what you want to achieve, where you are at now and where you want to be in the future before arranging the right loan for you. The first step is to give you the facts and figures for your loan amount and term via a confidential free quote. Call our UK based loan team to find your ideal loan on free phone 0800 0159 295 / 0330 0536001 (mobile friendly) or fill out our short online enquiry form and we will work on finding your loan straight away.


Find A Loan For Me

So you`ve been offered a loan but is it really the best you could do? Are you happy with the loan rate, are the repayments affordable and does it meet your goals. It can be a particularly haunting thought to think that you might be paying over the odds for a goodly while. Did you get the most suitable advice available based on a good cross section of the current homeowner loan market or did you just pick a loan product at random from a list? All these are fair questions and you might be left wondering if there is a way to see if there is a way to find other loan options.

Well here`s the good news, My Sort of Loan are loan brokers with access to some of the best secured loan lenders available in the UK lending market. We will always try to find an affordable loan to suit your circumstances. Speak to one of UK based specialist loan advisers on 0330 053 6001 and let us work on finding you the right loan from our extensive loan lender panel.

  • Fully authorised loan broker - My Sort of Loan are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can be assured of our credentials when looking to find a loan matched to your requirements.

  • Peace of mind - Our advisors are qualified to discuss your requirements and circumstances and will always give you the best advice based on the available products.

  • Loans for many situations - Even if you`ve had problems in the past due to bad credit such as defaults, mortgage arrears. Ccj`s or missed loan payments My Sort of Loan have lenders who cover the majority of circumstances so even if you think you`ve tried everywhere and feel like giving up call us on 0330 053 6001 for a confidential conversation with our UK loan advisers


Find a Loan Broker

So you would like to try the services of an established loan broker but with quite a few to choose from who do you trust to find a loan for you? Well the first thing you need to make sure is that your loan broker has the relevant brokerage permissions from the Financial Conduct Authority, if in doubt check the FCA website and make sure that your broker is listed. Secondly ensure that the adviser who is dealing with your loan is CeMap qualified, if your adviser isn`t qualified to provide advice should you really be committing to paying a fee for letting them arrange a potentially long term financial product for you? At My Sort of Loan you will find that we have all the necessary permissions and we are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. In addition to that we have plenty of qualified loan advisers at our UK based loan centre ready to take your call on our mobile friendly number 0330 053 6001 or on free phone 0800 0159 295.


Bad Credit Help To Find A Loan

It`s no fun trying to find a loan if you`ve had bad credit in the past, your bank may of rejected you but not given you a good reason ,this can be particularly frustrating if initially they have indicated its worthwhile to apply only to admit that they aren`t able to find you a loan after all. At My Sort of Loan we have multiple, major lenders on our panel who have plans to cover many circumstances including loans for people with ccj`s, defaults or mortgage arrears. This together with our knowledgeable loan team means we have the know how to place your application. We`ll listen to what you have to say and understand your difficulties so that we can try and find your loan accurately - and most of all successfully. If you`ve had credit problems in the past why not call My Sort of Loan on 0330 053 6001 and talk to a qualified loan advisor who can help to find a loan for you.


Find A Loan UK

At My Sort of Loan, we totally understand why you would not want to talk to someone on the other side of the world to find a loan in the UK ! We are proud to say that all of our loan advisers, your loan support team and all the lenders on our panel are based in the UK and are subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can be assured of compliance and quality at every turn. So if you are looking for a loan in the UK you really couldn`t be in safer hands, you can speak to one of our qualified UK based loan advisors on 0330 053 6001 for a fast and professional service.