Conservatory Finance

Do you feel like your home is lacking something? Do you long for a leisure space where you can relax, workout or just sit and soak up the sun over a chilled glass of wine? Well if you do then the chances are you`ve been considering adding a conservatory and what`s more you`ve probably been looking at the various ways of financing your conservatory or orangery.

Through My Sort of Loan you could obtain a conservatory loan to finance the purchase and installation of your ideal conservatory - plus any extra works that you need to have carried out in order the accommodate it. Talk to our UK loan team and get your free quote on a mobile or landline using 0800 0159 295 or dial 0330 0536001 (mobile friendly). Alternatively make a confidential no obligation enquiry via our short conservatory loan enquiry form (don`t worry - no credit search on this form).

  • Get more for your money - being a cash buyer puts you in the box seats giving you a much better bargaining position when you make your purchase.

  • A finance solution as unique as your conservatory - avoid expensive one size fits all point of sale finance deals which might not be the best finance deal for you.

  • Borrow £5,000 to £100,000 over a term to suit you - loans can be either in joint names or for a sole applicant and repayments can be spread over 36 to 240 months to match your budget.

  • Fund your current project with one eye on your next - get the right sort of affordable loan that takes into account your current situation, your next priorities and your future borrowing requirements.


How To Fund Buying A Conservatory

A conservatory is always going to be a significant purchase and naturally you`ll want to fund it as cheaply as possible whilst making sure you can afford the repayments. Even a small `lean to` will come it at around £3,000, whilst some large, major construction style conservatories can run up to £100,0000 or more. Possibly the best way to achieve this would be to make the purchase from your own resources but the majority of us are not in this position. Also interest rates are not favourable for savers right now so you may decide to plough some of what may be depreciating cash into potentially increasing the value of your property instead of leaving it in the bank.

If on the other hand you need to borrow the money needed to fund your conservatory a personal loan or homeowner second mortgage arranged by My Sort of Loan might just be the next thing. Many homeowners choose a secured loan when they cannot obtain enough through a personal loan or have been offered too higher rates, or have been declined / let down elsewhere. This may be a popular choice due to the fact that the addition of a conservatory is seen as an investment in your home by enhancing its market value. At My Sort of Loan we can arrange the funding you need and not just to put your conservatory in place, if you`re still paying off your last project or have other debt impacting on your cash flow we could help by consolidating the loans / credit cards whilst funding your conservatory as well - you may not need to wait if the figures stack up as being the right option for you.

Don`t forget we could still be able to help clients who have been refused a loan elsewhere. Our UK qualified loan team will assess your current situation and requirements while keeping a keen eye on your longer term plans. So if, whilst you`re enjoying your conservatory you start thinking about how useful a loft conversion would be you may not have to wait many years to get to work on it. Why not call our UK loan team on free phone 0800 0159295 and tell us how we can help you make your garden into a show piece.



Conservatory / Orangery Loan For Buying Power.

So now you`ve decided that you`re going to have a conservatory or indeed an orangery and you`re pricing the job up, you`ll be looking to get the maximum bang for your buck - the question is how do you go about getting it? Unless you`re in the building trade yourself you probably don`t know much about pricing or what is or isn`t a good deal. Well I`m sorry to say that neither do we but a most likely scenario is that the best prices are probably obtained by cash buyers who are in a position to obtain quotes and make immediate payments to the lowest bidder. Equally a cash deal can buy a quick service, if the balance of your build is being paid on completion of the job you can almost guarantee that your job won`t be put back to accommodate a job that has been paid for up front by a retail finance company.

It`s what is loosely termed call buying power, basically once a salesman knows that you have a source of readily available cash they may even bend over backwards to try and relieve you of it and this is where you can start to call the shots. You like the look of the built in underfloor heating but you aren`t keen on the package price? Well tell him that he has the option of accommodating you on the price or risk losing that nice cash rich deal, because if he won`t there`s a company down the road that will. You might be surprised how many extras you can get with a cash sale.


Check Our UK Lenders Rates Compared To Supplier Finance.

One tactic commonly used to entice you into a package deal is to offer point of sale finance that seems to make the whole thing easier and less time consuming. It`s supposed to save you the hassle of arranging your own finance / conservatory loan and make you feel confident that this is the best way to fund your conservatory. Well in some cases this might well be true however this type of credit sale does not come with the benefit of an obligation to give you suitable advice as in the case of borrowing via a second mortgage / UK secured loan. What you may find is that you are given a one size fits all approach. All we suggest is you consider all the options.

With a retail finance option there may be no consideration of what else you might want to finance later or what you have outstanding now, so long as they think you can afford to repay the specific loan. At My Sort of Loan we are obliged to give you the most suitable advice if you go for a secured loan or we can look at our unsecured homeowner lenders plans for you. We may even suggest you stick with the point of sale finance so you can be assured that whatever else you get out of making a no obligation application with us it won`t involve being handed an of the shelf funding solution even if you decide on an off the shelf conservatory .