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You can utilise these £25,000 loans for multiple purposes or for just one important purchase. Some of our customers use the money for an extension or a home makeover, or debt consolidation or you may want to upgrade your car or take a holiday or even a cruise.

Optimise Finance has operated in the UK finance sector since 2009 and specialises in £25,000 loans, but have the flexibility via our lenders to enable you to borrow from just £10,000 to
£250,000 in multiples of £1,000. Call our loan team direct for free on 0800 0159 108 / dial 0330 0536001 (mobile friendly) to get the facts and figures for your scenario or complete the short online enquiry form to find out how much you can borrow without any pressure to proceed.

There are repayment terms from 3 to 25 years to suit your budget. Our focus is to make sure you take out the right loan for your requirements and also know what is the potential maximum
so we will provide you with a free quote detailing all the figures for you to consider.


Any Purpose £25,000 Loans

We can help you find a £25,000 loan to suit you, Our qualified advisors will manually underwrite your application, negotiate with the lenders, and tailor the finance to suit your individual circumstances. Optimise Finance has a large panel of lenders that allows us to find the right lender and product to suit your needs. If you have an excellent credit rating or have experienced some adverse credit, we have lenders on our panel to help. We have loan terms from 3 to 30 years to meet your budget. We may all need to take out finance at various points in life to make larger purchases such as a vehicle or home improvements, to consolidate spiralling debts or to pay for a wedding. Whatever purpose you require a £25,000 loan for, our team are here to help. We offer free quotations with no obligation to go ahead and we have access to multiple plans and terms to spread your repayments. We work at getting you the best and most up-to-date rates
available from our lenders. Repayment terms of 36 to 300 months and rates from just 6.59% - 26.3% APR. Representative 12.6% APRC.

Would you like to know if you are eligible and hear some accurate repayment figures? Simply call and ask Optimise Finance how we can help you achieve your goals today by calling us
confidentially for your personal quote on 0800 0159108 / dial 0330 0536001 (mobile friendly) or simply fill in our simple online enquiry form.



Loan £25,000 Consolidation, Home Improvements, Second Home or Major Purchase

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If you are looking to reduce your current credit repayments on loans, expensive credit cards, revolving credit, and overdrafts, a secured debt consolidation loan may be the perfect solution.

This will allow you to reduce your monthly payments by extending the term to find a monthly payment that suits your budget. It will also give you an end date to those credit cards. In many
instances it will improve your credit score if you make the payments on time each month.


If you have got a £25,000 budget to carry out home improvements to build an extension or loft conversion. Investing £25,000 into your property should hopefully increase your home`s value in the long term. Maybe you are looking at a combination of purposes, perhaps you want to get back on top of your credit cards or personal loans, sort out a new car and carry out some home renovations - well with a budget of £25,000 you can hopefully tick all of those boxes.


Are There £25,000 Self Employed Or Poor Credit Loans?

As our team manually underwrite applications, we can tailor the loan to suit your circumstances. Our loan underwriters have extensive product knowledge of all the different lenders plans we have available, we have built strong relationships with all our lenders allowing us to communicate and solve problems should they occur as quickly and painlessly as possible. We always strive for a competitive rate for our customers and fight to get access to plans from lenders who do not always deal direct with the public.

Many lenders, when deciding who they will loan money to, typically use a number based score cardmodel that examines the applicant`s credit history and other factors. If the score card works for your credit profile and history then there is a good chance that a loan will be approved subject to income / any other criteria being met. However, if you have poor credit you could be declined or receive less favourable loan terms, such as a slightly higher rate. We have a good number of lenders do not rely on a score model when advancing a loan and we have loan plans available for those of us who may have been declined in the past. They even have options for discharged bankrupt and to pay off tax bills, mortgage arrears current and past, CCJ’s and defaults.


Example £25,000 Loan Over 10 Years

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With a home owner loan you are often able to spread your payments to suit your budget and circumstances. Repayments £360.89 per month on a £25,000 loan over 120 months at a rate of
8.49% with a total repayable of £43,306.80 including a £3125 broker fee, lender fee £995. Representative 12.9% APRC (5 year fixed).

Choosing a longer loan term will reduce your monthly repayments, although this may result in you paying back more over the term of the loan. When you enquire you will be able to get a no
obligation quote on various different loan terms that fit your requirements. Early repayment options are available and will be detailed within your £35,000 loan agreement.