£80,000 Loan

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The fact is there are many £80,000 loan options out there where you do not need to remortgage your house or property, or even own a property outright. We have major lenders in our large loan sector who offer loans for £80,000 at low rates and sensible repayment periods from 3 to 25 years, enabling you to match the repayments you can afford to the projects you want to complete, whatever they may be. Most of these lenders are specialists who manage to keep their rates competitive, both for customers with clean credit and for those who have had some credit problems, partly by not advertising and by obtaining customers through a limited number of approved, authorised firms such as Optimise Finance

Speak confidentially and without obligation to our UK based experienced loan team today on 0800 0159 108 or dial 0330 0536001 (mobile friendly) alternatively complete our short no credit search enquiry form and we will start working on delivering your free £80,000 loan quotation, detailing all the figures for you to consider in your own time. In reality the loans can be arranged from £10,000 to £250,000 in increments of £1,000 so you can take out the exact loan size you need.


£80,000 Loan Worked Examples

Borrow £80,000 loan over 240 months at a rate 8.2%APR with a monthly payment of £731.03 total repayable is £183457.20. Early settlement options available.

Loan of £80,000 over 120 months at Interest rate 8.2%APR, payments of £1052.30 total repayable is £127773.00 Early settlement options available.

As with all finance, loans are subject to status and affordability. Examples based on good credit profile other plans available for adverse credit.


80,000 Lender Panel & Purposes

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Optimise Finance has an extensive lender panel plenty of which offer loans of £80,000. As the loan is secured on the equity you have built up in your property (which can be any buy to let properties or inherited property) the loans can often be used for virtually any purpose. You may decide to use the loan for a home extension to cater for an expanding family, or to build a granny flat for your elderly parents or relatives. Whatever you decide on Optimise Finance lender panel are very well placed to help you achieve your goal. Our large secured loan lender panel is very extensive and caters for most situations, so whether you have an excellent credit profile or you have had been unfortunate and now have one that isn`t so great - we may have a lender that will lend you the money in your situation, helping you obtain the finance you are looking for.

It`s worth pointing out if you choose to take your loan over a long period of time your repayment is reduced , but it does mean you pay more interest than you would if you structured your loan over a shorter period of time. To get a no obligation free quote for your £80,000 loan please contact our experienced loan processing team. They will consider your unique situation and establish the best deal available to you from the Optimise Finance lender panel.


an I Use My 80,000 Loan For Anything Other Than Home Improvements?

The simple answer to this question is yes. The equity you have built up in your property is yours and can be used to secure your loan, therefore you can usually decide what you use the money for. However, as the lenders on Optimise Finance Panel are responsible lenders they need to make sure you can afford the repayments on your £80,000 loan. Therefore, there may be situations where some of your £80,000 loan is used for consolidation, for example repaying existing shorter term credit you may have help with affordability. By repaying this debt where required your monthly expenditure can be reduced meaning your proposed loan may now be affordable fitting the lenders affordability model. If you do not need to repay other credit to meet affordability then that is fine too. Remember that by repaying this debt from your £80,000 loan ultimately you repay more interest but your monthly outlay is reduced.

You could use your £80,000 loan as multipurpose funding, for example; consolidation of existing loans, general home improvements, car purchase and perhaps even a well-deserved holiday, it`s your equity so you decide.


£80000 Business Loan

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If you decide to apply for a £80,000 loan it can be used for any purpose, with some of our lenders even allowing the loan to be used for business purposes, this includes capital to be invested in your business to allow it to expand .You may need new stock, again this purpose is acceptable (with lender approval) with our specialist lenders meaning your business can grow with the increased sales. It could be that you want to start a new business; initially your wife or partner could start to run it allowing you to remain in your fulltime job reducing the financial risk, just in case if for whatever reason the business were to fail. Once the business is up and running and doing well, you may then decide to leave your fulltime employment and immerse yourself into the new business on day to day basis.


Interest Rates On An £80,000 Loan

As your £80,000 loan is considered a large loan interest rates available are often very good. The better your credit profile and the more equity you have the better rate you could get. For the very low rates you will need to have a good credit profile, suitable equity and income then you will stand a good chance of obtaining your loan with a variety of lenders (subject to lender approval).If your profile isn£t so good Optimise Finance still may be able to help you with alternative rates, as all quotes are free simply call to find out your options so you can make an informed decision.

The lenders that offer loans for £80,000 have some great features built into their contracts, some of which include accelerated repayments allowing you to save interest by being able to reduce your loan balance. Other features include initial fixed rate options to prevent any changes to your payments for 36month up to 60months.