£60,000 Loan

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Would you like to obtain £60,000 to undertake a major project? Perhaps you wish to enhance your home, take out a multi-purpose loan or consolidate some unsecured debts / credit and ease your cash flow - if so then you have find the right place. Many of our clients successfully take out large loans for virtually any purpose. With a £60,000 loan you may want to invest in a buy to let property or holiday home, maybe you simply want to buy a top sports car. The choice is yours. The key is to make sure you can afford the repayments, so our sixty thousand pound lender plans offer repayment terms of 60 to 240 months and competitive rates. This enables you to budget smartly and achieve your goals. Please bear in mind loans can be taken out for between £5,000 and £150,000 - so you only need to borrow the exact amount you require.

Those dreams, ambitions or plans are going to require a proper monetary injection and we don`t just mean the sort of money you might obtain just by trying for a short term personal loan - if you want to take out a loan of £60,000 or more you`re probably going to need to navigate and access specialist large loan lenders. My Sort of Loan has such lender options, alongside help and advicethat can take a £60,000 loan off your wish list and make it a reality. To find out what your repayments could be via a free, no obligation quotation simply call our UK based loanteam on freephone 0800 015 9295, or dial mobile friendly 0330 0536001, alternatively complete our short online enquiry form and we will get back to you at your convenience (don`t worry no credit search from this form).


Examples Of £60000 Loan Terms With Repayments.

£60,000 Loan Over 10 Years: If you borrow £60,000 over 10 years at 8.25% annual rate your monthly payments will be £806.99 Total amount repayable of £97987.20. Charges for credit: £32192.20 interest, £5,000 intermediary fee, £795 lender fee. Representative 11.2%APRC (variable).

Borrow £60000 over 240 monthly repayments of 
£560.62, initial annual rate 8.25% & an overall cost for comparison 10.5% APRC. Total amount repayable £140690.40 comprising; loan £60,000, arrangement fees £5000, interest £74895.40. Lender fees may also apply.


How Long Can I Take A £60,000 Loan Over?

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So now if you`ve decided that £60,000 is an achievable sum of money to borrow you need to think about exactly how long you want to spread the repayments over. Well perhaps we should say how long should you spread the repayments over? - after all if you decide on too short a term the repayments may turn out to be too high. On the other hand if you`ve invested in that buy to let property, how long might you wait before it starts to turn a profit for you? Finding the right term can be quite the balancing act and on top of that you should also consider that your plans could change, especially over a long term. That`s where My Sort of Loan can help, we won`t just help you get your money. We will listen to your plans and advise you on loans from our extensive UK lender panel - always with one eye on the long term and what your next step might be. Why not call us today on 0800 015 9295 and talk to one of our UK loan advisers to find out the best and most suitable loan plan from our options.


£60,000 Lenders For Bad Credit

£60,000 is a large sum of money so make sure you are looking at borrowing for the right reasons and are prepared for the long term loan commitment involved. If you`ve had credit problems in the past you may find that the credit arrears and / or defaults are getting you declined when you`ve been trying to arrange that loan. There are some lenders out there who do not consider clients for a loan if you have had notable adverse credit in the last 4 years. Ok fair enough, lenders all have their preferred criteria - however some of our secured loan lender panel actively want to lend to people who have been unlucky enough to have incurred bad credit and give them a second change. At My Sort of Loan we have a wide ranging panel of approved lenders (some of whom do not deal with the public directly) who can be more flexible in making a positive lending decision in order to cater for a wide variety of applicants.

So will a lender who accepts you with bad credit cost more to borrow from? Well the short answer is yes, lenders who take higher risks charge more. That said a loan taken out with an adverse credit lender may have rates pretty close to some of the prime lenders and your debt doesn`t necessarily have to stay with a high risk lender. After a number of years you may find that your credit profile has recovered just by paying for your £60,000 loan and keeping up any other credit commitments. You could then find yourself able to refinance your loan to a better rate elsewhere. Bear in mind there may be early repayment charges so check this out first before you commit to any loan. To discuss your longer term borrowing requirements why not talk to one of our UK loan advisers on 0800 015 9295.


Reasons To Borrow £60,000

So we`ve talked a little bit about what you can do with a £60,000 loan but in reality you may well have a combination of loan purposes. This is quite common and many of our clients take out their loan to tick a lot of different boxes. A popular combination may be to build an extension on your existing property and give yourself a little more breathing space whilst also revamping your kitchen / bathroom. Alternatively you may have acquired a plot of land that`s just begging to have another house built on it, after all if you can sell that property you might make a tidy profit by selling it and you could have a regular source of income from keeping the freehold and charging ground rent.

Some points to consider:

  • Borrow £60,000 over as long as you need to (up to 25 years).

  • £60,000 loans for any legal purpose or mix of purposes.

  • Some lenders may still offer £60,000 even if you have a poor credit rating.

  • Refinance other debts to get out of a negative cash flow problem.

  • £60,000 business loans available to expand or cement your operation.

  • All loans are subject to status and affordability.

Bear in mind if you carry out debt consolidation you will pay more interest over the loan term. Whether you`re the business minded type looking to invest in your next venture, a property developer looking for their next fixer upper or simply looking for that luxury static caravan you always promised yourself one day, My Sort of Loan may be able to arrange a £60,000 for any legal purpose for you - so why not give our UK loan team a call and find out how we can help you to get the finance you need.